Flame retardant ABS (non-PBBE additive). Good property/toughness. Excellent moldability. UL94 V-0/5VA rated.


LEXAN(Polycarbonate Resin)


    LEXAN,made from bisphenol A,is a polymeric material having an ester carbonate structure.Not only it has excellent clarity and heat resistance,but also superior impact strength which is believed to be the highest among all the thermoplastic resins.For such characteristics,it has found an extensive range of applications including automotive parts,business equipment parts,electric and electronics,appliance parts,precision machine parts,sporting goods and leisure goods,medical apparatuses,and sanitary goods.


1、Excellent mechanical properties including creep resistance.

2、Excellent clarity.

3、Hygienic property proved by grades in conformity with FDA specification.

4、The highest impact strength among all the thermoplastic resins.

5、Excellent dimensional accuracy.


CYCOLOY,an alloy of polycarbonate and ABS resins,is a thermoplastic resin which offers both resins’ characteristics.With excellent impact strength ,UV resistance and processability,it has a wide range of applications;automotive interia,office eqp.,communication eqp.,home appliances,and lighting parts.




1、Excellent UV resistance.

2、Outstanding impact strength.

3、Excellent processability.

4、High heat resistance(80-120℃).

5、Flame resistance.

6、Excellent metallizing grades available.



VALOX(Thermoplastic polyester)

VALOX is making progress to meet needs of markets with a wide

selection of grades.With polybutyleneterephthalate(PBT) obtained by condensation polymerization of dimethylterephthalate(DMT)1-4-butanediol(1.4BD)as the main line,it now has polyethylene terephthalate(PET)resin and polycyclohexanedimethyleneterephthalate(PCT) resin.


1、Excellent chemical and oil resistance

2、Low surface friction resistance and high abrasion resistance

3、Outstanding fatigue resistance

4、Very high heat resistance

5、Excellent dimensional stability with very little warp in service

6、Low water absorption rate and little degradation of mechanical and electrical properties

NORYL(ModifiedPPO Poiyphenyleneoxide Resin)

NORYL is an amorphous engineering plastics which made by modifying PPO (Poiyphenyleneoxide) with polystyrene etc.PPO is obtained by polymerizantion of 2-6 Xylenol. With it’s good balanced properties,NORYL is used for the various type of applications such as computer and business equipments, automotive parts,electric/electronics,liquid handling and medical parts.


1、High heat resistance

2、Excellent mechanical properties under wide temperature/humidity

3、Excellent moldability and dimensional stability

4、Excellent eletrical properties over a wide range of frequency

5、Low water absorption and resistance to acids and alkalis

6、Environment friendly FR system



Polyetherimide Resin

ULTEM is an amorphous thermopplastic by a polyther-imide resin.The resin is combined with imide bonds,which offer excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength and ether bonds,which give good processability.


1、Excellent flame resstance--High oxygen index of over 47,low smoke emission and grade approved as UL94V-0.

2、Excellent electrical properties--Dielectric constant and dielectric loss are well stabled over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies.Also high dielectric breakdowm strength.

3、High heat resistance-Deflection temperature over 200℃ under load and long term service temperature of UL Standard over 170℃.

4、High mechanical strength

5、Excellent processability

6、Chemical resistance



Thermoplastics Alloys

XENOY resin is based on a technology that blends crystanlline and amorphous(polycarbonate)resins,and offer an outstanding combination of mechanical stength,chemical resistance to petrol and oil.

XENOY resins are desighned to provide resistance to pertol and oil.

XENOY resins are also proving an ideal material for other applications,such as motorcycle,tractor lawn mower exterior trims.


1、Excellent chemical resistance,especially topetrol and oils

2、Excellent weatherability

3、Excellent dimensional stability

4、Excellent processability


Thermoplastics Alloys

XYELX resin combines an aliphatic polyester with polycabonate,which form an alloy offering a superior balance of chemical resistance,clarity and mechanical properties,XYLEX is a new family of alloy resins that allow maximum utilization of clarity while maintaining excellent

Ductility and chemical resistance.XYLEX opens the door for the new design opportunities.


1、Excellent combination of clarity and weatherability

2、Excellent combination of clarity and chemical resistance

3、Excellent flow


(ABS Resin)

Cycolac ABS is a polymer blend made out of an elastomeric component and an amorphous thermoplastic compoent.The elastomeric component is usually polybutadience or a butadience copolymer.The thermoplastic component is SAN:a copolymer of styrene and acrylonitrile.SAN is grafted to and/or blended with the elastomeric component.The flexibility offered by the use of the three monomer(A,B and S)system allows the tailoring of the property profile.


1、Outstanding toughness and durability

2、Low specific gravity

3、Relative Thermal Index up to176℉(80℃)

Dimensional stability at elevated temperatures

Flame resistance

4、High gloss

5、Ease of processing